Intraocular lenses


Fourier Optics IOL with reversed apodization

The world's first inverted apodized Fourier optics IOL ALSAFIT FOURIER offers high contrast sensitivity for near, intermediate and far distances as well as for all distances in between day and night.

Balanced light distribution at any time of day

Why reverse apodization?

The rear apodization ensures a continuous optimal light distribution and uninterrupted image sharpness, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Together with an improved light distribution at distance, the preservation of the light distribution at close range enables spectacle-independent vision, even under mesopic conditions.

Highest light transmission

With its patented Fourier optics design, the ALSAFIT FOURIER offers a light transmission of 91.4%. Due to reduced light reflection, the wave-shaped refraction profile transmits a large part of the light to the retina. IOLs with Fresnel refractive profile show a high light loss (12 to 15%), which has a direct influence on visual performance.

Uninterrupted image sharpness with Fourier optics

The only IOL to achieve consistently high MTF values at all distances.

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  •   maximum light transmission
  •   patented Fourier optics design
  •   reduced light reflectance
  •   high MTF values on all distances
  •   continuous focus

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