Sodium hyaluronate – high-tech and pure

The sodium hyaluronate in ALSAVISC preparations is not derived from animals but is obtained by rDNA biofermentation methods. This high-tech biotechnology process was developed to obtain pure hyaluronate from special transgenic microorganisms that express human HA genes. Transgenic microorganisms secrete HA directly from the cells in an isotonic medium, which significantly supports the production of non-allergenic, endotoxin and exotoxin-free viscoelastics. This method reduces contamination by chemical solvents by lowering the need for long purification processes compared to animal-based or non-rDNA-biofmented viscoelastics.

Long and monomeric HA chains

Ribosomen von transgenen Mikroorganismen exprimieren menschliche Gene und produzieren lange, monomere Hyaluronsäure-Ketten (3.000.000 Da), was ihren homogenen Charakter bewirkt. Dies sorgt für einen homogenen Charakter der HA-Ketten und bietet viele weitere Vorteile.


The elastic response of Alsavisc also facilitates the return of viscosity to the initial state after the shear stress is removed. Due to their increasing elasticity, Alsavisc preparations tend to retain space and absorb high compressive loads during phacoemulsification.

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  •   maintains elasticity for better shock absorption
  •   prevents molecular separation and delamination
  •   offers reversible viscosity for different shear loads

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