Watch Glass Bandages


Watch glass bandages to protect the eyes.

Both OKKLUglas and the aerated model OKKLUglas AERO, which does not mist, help the eye as they are skin-friendly and ergonomically formed. The cover is light, stable and protects the eye. The watch glass bandage perfectly fits to the face and offers maximum comfort.

Heads are different and so are faces – some are small and some are bigger. The solution? Take our wide range of OKKLUglas that includes not only OKKLUglas and OKKLUglas AERO but also OKKLUglas EXTRA and AERO EXTRA. Both products offer an extra-large adhesive area to guarantee optimal fit. OKKLUglas is both ergonomic and hygienic: all watch glass bandages, the double-layer wearing material included, can be sterilized.

Our new variants OKKLUglas AERO UV and OKKLUglas AERO EXTRA UV have a UV protection with the protection level 2-1,2 according to DIN EN 170 and are now available from us!

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  •   now also available with UV protection
  •   skin-friendly and ergonomic
  •   unbreakable, light and stable cover
  •   ready for use
  •   hypoallergenic, can be sterilized
  •   also available with extra-large double-layer adhesive area
  •   available in two sizes
  •   model AERO with optimal-positioned ventilation openings


Watch glass bandages: For everyday comfort! Now also with UV protection!

Watch glass bandages from Berenbrinker are as individual as people’s faces. For every age and every head size – sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger. A perfect fit thanks to OKKLUglas and OKKLUglas Extra!


Comfort and protection? Thanks to OKKLUglas!