Watch Glass Bandages


New from July 15th: Gluing without sticking – Our watch glass bandages now also with super soft silicone adhesive and in new sizes for babies and children!

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All versions of our OKKLUglas watch glass bandages are skin-friendly and ergonomically designed medical aids for the eyes. The plastic hood is light, stable and protective. The watch glass bandage fits perfectly and offers maximum comfort.

Heads are different, faces are too – sometimes smaller, sometimes larger. The solution? Our varied OKKLUglas size range. In addition to the OKKLUglas and OKKLUglas EXTRA sizes, you can now also choose the baby & kids sizes. All products always adapt optimally.

Our new variants OKKLUglas SILICONE and OKKLUglas baby & kids SILICONE stick without sticking thanks to the super soft silicone adhesive.

Made in Germany


  •   NEW: now also with silicone adhesive
  •   NEW: also for babies & children
  •   also available with UV protection
  •   skin-friendly and ergonomic
  •   unbreakable, light and stable cover
  •   ready for use
  •   hypoallergenic carrier material
  •   also available with extra-large double-layer adhesive area
  •   model AERO with optimal-positioned ventilation openings


Watch glass bandages: For everyday comfort! With silicone adhesive – now also for babies and children!

Watch glass bandages from Berenbrinker are as individual as people’s faces. For every age and every head size – sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger. A perfect fit thanks to OKKLUglas and OKKLUglas Extra!


Comfort and protection? Thanks to OKKLUglas!

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OKKLUglas to protect the eyes.

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