With our extensive portfolio

Optimal treatment requires competent specialists, elaborate therapies and, of course, the right products. Our extensive selection of plasters, dressings, eye patches and compresses are tailored to the very special requirements of modern ophthalmology. You can feel and see it. Here you can find an overview of the solutions we provide.

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OKKLUglas from Berenbrinker

OKKLUglas SILICONE from Berenbrinker

Watch Glass Bandages

OKKLUglas – Gluing without sticking – Our watch glass bandages now also with super soft silicone adhesive and in new sizes for babies and children!

All versions of our OKKLUglas watch glass bandages are skin-friendly and ergonomically designed medical aids for the eyes. The plastic hood is light, stable and protective. The watch glass bandage fits perfectly and offers maximum comfort.

Our new variants OKKLUglas SILICONE and OKKLUglas baby & kids SILICONE stick without sticking thanks to the super soft silicone adhesive.

  •   NEW: now also with silicone adhesive
  •   NEW: also for babies & children
  •   also available with UV protection
  •   skin-friendly and ergonomic
  •   unbreakable, light and stable cover
  •   ready for use
  •   hypoallergenic carrier material

Occlusion Eye Patches

OPTIMAGIC – for strabismus and amblyopia

Patching therapy is a difficult time for children. This becomes evident every single minute in everyday life. How can the therapy be made more comfortable? Recommend OKKLUPETZ for sensitive skin if you want to offer relief to children and parents and create a harmonious environment during consultation hours!

Our occlusion eye patches are soft, colorful and cool! They are made of skin-friendly materials and gentle adhesives.

  •   opaque
  •   breathable
  •   non-dyed and antiallergenic
  •   gentle to the skin

Optimagic and OKKLUpetz from Berenbrinker

OKKLUeasy from Berenbrinker

Eye Patches for Glasses

OKKLUEASY – painless therapy without motivational problems!

Over and over again, skin irritations and painful plasters are a challenge in the course of a patching therapy. Children struggle and parents vicariously suffer with them. Therefore, it’s high time for a change:

The alternative to adhesive eye patches is OKKLUEASY – an eye patch for glasses made of soft fleece!

  •   available in 3 sizes
  •   fits most frames
  •   opaque
  •   no sticking, no pain

OP-SETS for ophthalmic surgery

The right tool for every case

With our surgical sets, you will be prepared for all operations in the shortest possible time - in order to be able to adapt even better to the individual requirements of acute therapy.

We can also develop solutions for outpatient follow-up care or emergency interventions. Work with us to put together the right package for you.

  •   Fast and uncomplicated purchasing management
  •   Planning reliability and high cost-effectiveness
  •   Short set-up times and fast readiness for use
  •   Less packaging waste and more sustainability