Occlusion Eye Patches


Occlusion eye patches for strabismus and amblyopia

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Patching therapy is a difficult time for children. This becomes evident every single minute in everyday life. How can the therapy be made more comfortable? Recommend OKKLUPETZ for sensitive skin if you want to offer relief to children and parents and create a harmonious environment during consultation hours!

Our occlusion eye patches are soft, colorful and cool! They are made of skin-friendly materials and gentle adhesives. Please note: OKKLUPETZ are never dyed – which is particularly good news for children’s sensitive eyes!

To motivate children throughout their therapy while still maintaining the fun factor, OKKLUPETZ always come with great stickers. They encourage creativity and turn the occlusion eye patches into individual designs!

  •   opaque
  •   breathable
  •   non-dyed and antiallergenic
  •   gentle to the skin
  •   in colours 'natural' and 'white'
  •   designed according to ISO standard

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Here you will find more information about our occlusion patches.

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Occlusion eye patches for strabismus and amblyopia

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